Sunday, 28 June 2015

Events Update

Heard of the latest event in Kota Batu Radio?


We are doing this event in MIRC on UnoCup
For those who are not aware of this,
Below chat link are edited to #batu , #unocup 
Do join in and take a look at the same time..
join us along for this events.

Prizes are given in an attractive ways.
Of course they are in RUPIAH but still.. worth it rather than nil

Do check out the pages on the UnoCup event we had so far.
This is new to us but we are hoping to get sponsors and also supports from all of you.
Do come and support us.
That will be a great help.

P.S :: This Event Is Only Available In Dalnet Server ::

Hope to see you soon

Salam Inspirative

Check out our FB for updates or
Stay tune and continue browsing to our official website for more info

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Monday, 16 March 2015


Feeling sick and tired of your ordinary life?
Having no where to confide? 

No more worries, the chat room is here to release the stressed and boredom away. 

Laugh to the fullest for all you care.
Its just a temporary world and at the same time.

Enjoy to the music tune in by the RJs.
You can request your song here by login your nick in Dalnet Chat Box.

Simply type !request (song) (singer).

You can also participate in the topics brought up by the RJs at any point of time.

Simply type !komen (comments on the topic of the day). 

Friday, 13 March 2015

Come Visit Our Main Website

Hi Listeners,

You can chat and stream at the same time in here.
If you wished to get to know our RJs aka Radio Jokies,

You can visit us @

Or contact us @

Don't forget to like us @

Thank you for tuning =)

Server: Dalnet , Room: #Batu , #Unocup

Server Freenode , Room: #Batu , #FXTrader

Server: Ayochat , Room #Batu

Server: Rizon , Room: #BATU

Server: Quake , Room:#Batu

Server Nazi, Room: #batu , #jakarta

Server: QTalk , Room: #Batu